Following years of development and testing, Fireward supplies and installs market-leading automatic fire suppression systems across the UK for a number of industries. We offer two types of detection, Pneumatic and Electronic Linear, both of which are available for all our systems.


  • Pneumatic.

  • Electronic Linear.

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Our Systems.

  • Dual Agent.

  • Single Agent.

  • Clean Agent.

 Fireward is a leading and authorised distributor of Reacton Fire Suppression Ltd. supplying systems to Fireward from their UK based global headquarters. Here the designing, manufacturing, and testing of all Fireward products occur in strict ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities. With all products being recognised by the Made in Britain association, Reacton holds a range of globally recognised approvals. Fireward systems are certified to P-Mark 199, P-Mark 183, UNECE R107 Regulations, AS-5062:2016, ISO 9001:2015 and LPCB LPS 1666.

Additional Safety Features.

Direct Release Systems.

With direct release fire suppression from Fireward, you can secure your assets and minimise the impact of a fire on your operations. Immediately targeting the source of the fire can help to protect your expensive equipment, preventing further damage.

The most common assets to protect using our direct fire suppression systems are electrical cabinets and CNC machines. Direct systems work through installing tubing strategically wrapped around the asset. In the event of a fire, the part of the tubing which is closest to the heat will rupture, putting the pressure out of balance and releasing a dedicated suppressant to put the fire out – taking 10 seconds or less to react.

This quick response can easily protect your valuable assets and prevent further damage by limiting the area in which the suppressant is released. Our expert engineers operate across the UK, designing and installing direct release systems to individual machines and vehicles.


Indirect Release Systems.

The Fireward indirect system works by the strategically placed network of detection tubing and nozzles around risk areas, which delivers the extinguishing agent to the protected area. Dry powder is our primary agent, and as proven during testing, dry powder performs over 40% better than foam only systems. The system requires no electrical power to detect and suppress.

Fireward’s indirect dual agent system allows a combination of agents to be used, such as powder and foam. The advantages of this allow quick knockdown of the fire followed by a cooling effect to help prevent re-ignition. Optional equipment can be fitted to further protect equipment such as Battery Isolators, Machine Shutdown, Manual Actuators and In-Cab monitoring panels.


Ultra-Fast Detection.

At Fireward, we have multiple fire suppression systems designed to tackle fires in a matter of seconds.


24/7 Protection.

All our systems are pressurised and require no power to ensure round-the-clock protection.


Approved Systems.

We are accredited to the highest standards, giving you peace of mind and making it easy to obtain insurance cover.

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