Fire Suppression System Servicing.

Your Fireward fire suppression system must be serviced by one of our nationwide engineers every six months. It is important for us to inspect the system to ensure it's in full working order. Failure to comply with our standards could lead to your 3-year warranty being invalid, or even affect your insurance.

When we carry out a service, the complete system is inspected to ensure all parts are clear of debris, damage and wear & tear. We make sure that if a fire does start, your Fireward fire suppression system activates exactly as it should.

Daily Checks.

It is essential to carry out daily checks on your system, this ensures that the Fireward fire suppression is ready for action.

Over time, particularly in high-impact applications, it is good practice to inspect the system and check all the pressure gauges to ensure that if a fire does start, your fire suppression system activates exactly as it should. The video below gives extra details on what checks you should be completing every day.

Call Outs in the Event of a Fire.

We know how important your assets are to your business and want to ensure minimum downtime in the event of a fire. We offer rapid recall out response rates ensuring your machinery or asset is back in working order as soon as possible.

If a fire occurs, please contact our team on 0800 151 0249 to arrange an emergency call out with one of our technical engineers and post-fire instructions.

Registering Your System.

If you are the new owner of a vehicle with one of our systems, you will need to register your details with Fireward to ensure regular servicing is maintained and your 3-year warranty is activated.

If you are the new owner within 3 years of the installation date, and new registration has not been completed, the existing warranty may not be valid.

Activate your warranty or change ownership by calling 0800 151 0249


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Are you a new owner of a Fireward System?

Call 0800 151 0249 to register your details and validate your warranty.

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