A Fire Suppression Solution for Every Scenario.

For those who want to avoid downtime and increase safety when it comes to the risk of fire, Fireward is a long-established company you can trust. With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing and installing Fire Suppression systems, we understand the equipment we are protecting and the risks they hold.

We have expert engineers who can tailor any of our Vehicle fire suppression systems and suppressants to your requirements. With design and installation for any of your industrial plant, you no longer need to fear the risks such as fuels, electrical faults and debris build-up.

Servicing & Warranty.

Fireward offers you a 3 year parts and labour warranty from the date of installation. If you are the new owner within 3 years of the installation date, and new registration has not been completed, the existing warranty may not be valid.

It is important to have your fire suppression system serviced by one of our approved engineers every six months. Failure to comply with our standards could lead to your 3 year parts and labour warranty being invalid.


Why Use a Fireward System?

As the UK’s market leader in fire suppression, we understand the importance of protecting your vehicles and equipment. Our systems are certified to the highest standards, fully automatic and tailored to your needs, to give you complete protection day or night.


24/7 Fire Protection.

Our system is operational 24/7, 365 days a year, with no manual intervention or power required to give you complete peace of mind.


Ultra-Fast Fire Detection.

With just a single moving part in the event of a fire, our system is the fastest-acting in the market and offers the best protection.


3 Year Warranty.

We have full faith in the reliability of our systems. That’s why we offer all customers a 3 year parts & labour warranty as standard.


Fully Accredited.

All our systems are third-party certified to P-Mark SPCR183, P-Mark SPCR199 and AS-5062:2016 so you can rest assured you have the best-rated systems in the industry.


Additional Safety Features.

Cover every eventuality with in-cab monitoring, battery isolation, machine shutdown and manual actuation.


Extreme Conditions.

Our fire suppression systems are tested to work in the toughest conditions, including temperatures as low as -20°C.

“Fireward have helped the needs of our customers through their supply, installation, and service of their Fire suppression system on Hitachi construction machinery. The team are professional, knowledgeable, and timely, and we know our customers are safe in the hands when they choose Fireward.”

Abbi Wilson – Hitachi

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