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The Fireward System

Following years of development and testing, Fireward supplies and installs market-leading automatic fire suppression systems across the UK for a number of industries.

Our ultra-fast detection system consists of a nitrogen filled tube which balances the stored pressure in the cylinder via our patented valve. Once the tube bursts, the valve allows the agent to discharge either via the detection tube or a predefined discharge network.

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Vehicle Fire Suppression.

As the UK’s market leader in vehicle fire suppression, we understand the importance of protecting your vehicles. Fire is often overlooked as a cause of disruption or a serious risk to businesses. The immediate physical damage is only part of the issue caused in the event of a fire. Operational disruption, reputational damage and long machine lead times often far exceed the original cost of the asset.

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Leading International Accreditations.

Our fire suppression systems are certified to P-Mark SPCR183 & P-Mark SPCR199 and are designed and tested to meet the most demanding conditions. Our P-Marked systems are all A+.

“As a long-standing customer of Fireward I have found the service and backup exceptional from the team members in the office to the installation team on the ground.”

Gunn JCB

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