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ScotPlant 2024

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ScotPlant 2024

This bi-annual event proved to be a great platform for Fireward to showcase its plant fire suppression to the Scottish market. The exhibition is Scotland’s leading construction equipment event, bringing together the trade professionals and over 200 exhibitors to the Edinburgh Showground. A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who came onto the stand, we enjoy talking about protecting people and assets.

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Fireward had on display its market leading Dual Agent system that is an outstanding fire suppression method due to the combined benefits of Dry Power and Wet Chemical in on solution. Using both wet and dry agents reduces the chance of the fire reigniting after discharge. Not only can the system provide rapid-fire knockdown and excellent coverage with the dry powder, but with the cooling properties of wet chemicals, the system is economical and efficient. Our Dual Agent system is performance and durability accredited to RI:SE P-Mark SPCR 199 and ActivFire.


With our live fire demonstration rig we are also able to demonstrate the detection and suppression speed of two commonly used fire detection systems, Pneumatic Heat sensitive non-metallic Tube, commonly referred to as pneumatic detection and Linear Heat Detection Cable, referred to as LHD. This demonstration helps customers make an informed choice on how to best protect people and assets.


When it comes to detecting fires, speed is of utmost importance. Fireward's pneumatic detection system typically detects fires within 5 seconds of the detection tube rupturing. LHD systems’ detection time can be well over 20 seconds and can be significantly longer in dealing with a fire incident. This increased time taken to detect can cause a great deal more damage to a machine before fire scenario is dealt with. The difference in damage a machine can suffer from a hydraulic hose fire from 5 to 20 seconds is phenomenal and striking as soon as possible is of the upmost importance.


If you weren’t able to make the show or didn’t get chance to come and talk to us, then we would love to hear from you. 


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