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Vehicle & Plant Fire Safety in Metal Recycling

Protecting Your Assets and Team with Fireward


In the heart of every recycling operation, teams of people, vehicles, and plants work tirelessly to manage the waste generated daily. With a growing emphasis on the circular economy—focusing on reuse, repair, upcycling, and recycling—facilities must operate efficiently, effectively, and safely. From recycling centres to ports, care must be taken when handling scrap metal from the many known risks, making safe working practices an essential part of any operating environment. Unplanned downtime in a recycling centre will run into £1,000s but delaying a ship will run to £10,000s before even calculating the consequential losses that might occur. Is it worth the risk if you don't need to take it?

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The Importance of Fire Safety in Metal Recycling

Businesses and households produce a wide array of waste metal every day, from drink cans to car parts and building materials, all of which should be recycled. According to Eurostat's 2021 data, the recycling rate in the UK stood at 44.6%, underscoring the nation's commitment to sustainability. The UK metals recycling industry is worth an estimated £7 billion, employing over 15,000 people across 2,000 businesses. In 2022 alone, 11.8 million tonnes of scrap metal were processed (Source: BMRA).


Investment in Plant & Equipment

Operating a recycling or export facility requires significant investment in plant and equipment. From with scrap handlers and forklifts through to shearing, bailing, shredding, sorting, and granulation, each process comes with a hefty price tag and specific risk. Ensuring the right fire suppression on your equipment combined with regular maintenance and daily inspections is crucial to keep these assets in top operational condition.


The Risk 

Plant and assets operating for long hours in demanding environments, combined with the presence of flammable liquids, increases the risk of fires. Poor maintenance can lead to costly downtime, and in the worst cases, devastating fires that can shut down operations entirely. 

If the scrap metal is being exported, it will also need to pass through a suitable port. These environments have strict health & safety policies due to the value of assets in the immediate location, scale of equipment, vehicle movements, warehousing, personnel working at height, etc. One event they don’t want to deal with would be an unexpected dockside fire on the equipment handling the scrap metal or, worse still, in the hold of the ship where the plant will sometimes have to operate. 


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Why Choose Fireward? 

With over 10,000 installations across the UK, Fireward is a trusted fire suppression provider protecting the plant and equipment operating in both metal recycling centres and ports that recycled metal passes through. 

We take the time to understand the environment and can do a risk assessment to ensure you have the optimum system to protect your plant and surrounding assets.  

Our dual agent systems combine dry powder and wet chemicals to provide rapid knockdown and prevent reignition. These systems meet the stringent standards required for high-risk environments.


Our vehicle fire suppression systems offer:

  • 24/7 Fire Protection: Operational year-round with no manual intervention needed
  • Ultra-Fast Detection and Response: Deploys suppression agents within seconds
  • 3-Year Warranty: Market-leading full parts & labour warranty
  • Full Accreditation: Third-party certified systems
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Advanced agents and innovative delivery mechanisms
  • Expert Consultation: Tailored solutions for your specific needs
  • Support and Maintenance: Ensuring optimal functionality
  • Additional Safety Features: In-cab monitoring, battery isolation, machine shutdown, and manual actuators

Approved Excellence: Fireward's systems are certified to:

  • ActivFire AS 5062:2016
  • P-MARK SPCR 183
  • P-MARK SPCR 199
  • UNECE Regulation 107

Commitment Beyond Installation

Choosing Fireward means partnering with a leader dedicated to advancing safety in metal recycling. Our aftercare service, warranty assurance, and ongoing support ensure your operations remain protected.

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Protecting People and Assets 24/7

To find out more about Fireward’s Automatic Fire Suppression systems, get in touch by calling 0800 151 0249 or email at:


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