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Fire Suppression In Ports - Fireward Is The Right Partner.

It will come as no surprise to hear the unquestionable truth that fire suppression is fundamental across many places and industries. Here we'd like to discuss in more detail a particular type requiring our attention: fire suppression for ports.

Every single one of us, as part of the complex net that shapes the global economic system, is relying on seaborne trade and the ports these ships dock in, to move the goods we buy, make, and sell across the world. It’s estimated that the shipping industry alone is responsible for the transportation of roughly 90% of world trade, through international waters.

To give us some perspective, over 50 000 registered merchant ships from 150 nations are operating as we speak, carrying goods as diverse as computers, cars, televisions, clothing, white goods – you name it.

It's also a known fact, that whoever operates in these types of shipping, deals with risk every day, from multiple sources. And ports, being one of the main stages of this commerce, need to be safe from its natural risks.

Harbour management at ports and terminals involves operating heavy equipment to move and stack containers quayside. Gantry cranes, straddle carriers and wheel loaders are the heavy lifters of maritime operations, keeping dockyards operating 24/7.

There is always a real and present risk of fire in the engine bays of these machines, and a port simply doesn't have the luxury to have its operations grind to a halt due to an incident that would deeply disrupt the supply chain. It's not hard to see how a fire in a port would pose a major problem: not only could it disrupt worldwide business operations but it could also cause massive losses and legal/insurance issues.

So it is simply not conceivable that a port should be operated without the port authorities, its operators, and its stakeholders being mindful of these hazards, and neither did the legislators want to take that risk there are today strict Health & Safety standards around the world that ports and docks are obliged to comply with if they want to operate in, including the UK.

Compliance with relevant fire safety regulations is vital and port authorities and operators are obliged to completely adhere to guidelines set forth by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and other competent regulatory bodies. They are legally bound to implement a set of best practices to enhance fire safety measures, such as:

1) Regular Inspections and Maintenance: Ports must conduct routine inspections of fire suppression systems, ensuring they are in optimal working condition. This regular maintenance and testing of equipment and components is crucial to guarantee the effectiveness of the fire suppressions systems during emergencies.

2) Training and Awareness: Comprehensive training programs must be provided to port personnel to ensure they understand fire safety protocols, including the proper use of the fire suppression systems. Regular drills and exercises also help familiarise employees with emergency procedures.

3) Collaboration with Fire Safety Experts: Engaging with fire safety experts and consultants offers valuable insights into the specific fire risks faced by ports and assists in the design and implementation of tailored fire suppression solutions. This plays a key role in ports, for they are typically extensive facilities with sprawling areas, making it challenging to address fire risks promptly and efficiently. One also needs to be mindful that ports are facilities often located near water or populated areas, making the use of environmentally friendly fire suppression agents imperative, to minimise the impact on ecosystems and human health in the region.


The best way to gather all the useful knowledge, comply with the regulator's strict standards, and stay ahead in fire suppression for ports is to trust Fireward.

Today, Fireward is the UKs leading automatic fire suppression supplier, installing systems that hold globally recognised approvals.

We’re at the cutting edge of the industry, so whether it’s a single or multiple installations or it's a large-scale project, Fireward has you covered. We are dedicated to designing and installing only the best fire suppression systems, detecting fires immediately, and extinguishing them before they cause severe damage.

With continued development, Fireward is at the forefront of the industry. We offer an entire range of systems for ports and marine fire suppression as well as a variety of other sectors and applications, including heavy plant, machinery, vehicles, electrical panels, CNC machines, residential kitchens.

We are the consultant most equipped to help port operators navigate the intricate compliance rules and procedures, and the most reliable and competent when it comes to installing the complex fire suppression systems tailored to a port environment , and that no business operation is interrupted.

Fireward is here to protect your people, your assets, and your business, and we take pride in having the most reliable systems globally, with comprehensive service and support.

So if you're looking to protect your port operations, contact us today.



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