Understanding the basics of Fire Suppression

Fireward Automatic Dual-Agent Fire Suppression System

Welcome to a brief update from the UK leaders of automatic fire suppression for mobile equipment and vehicles. Firstly, we would like to thank all our loyal customers for their continued business throughout 2018.  With a lot of confusion and conflicting information about protecting your machines in the marketplace, we have put together a simple guide to understanding the basics of fire suppression.

Why do we use Dry Powder & Foam?

Like many things in life, there are always pro’s and cons. The ‘Suppression Agents’ (chemicals) used in fire suppression systems are not exempt from this dilemma. Fireward’s Dual Agent systems ensure customers receive the best of both the dry powder and foam agents benefits. Dry powder is our primary agent and as proven in SPCR183 testing at the Research Institute Of Sweden (RISE), dry powder performs over 40% better than foam only systems. Below we take a look at the key benefits and disadvantages of dry powder and foam:

Dry Powder Pro’s

  • It is the world’s most approved and recognised agent for mobile vehicles.
  • Instant knockdown and superior coverage with ABC Powder (including electrical fires).
  • Extreme low-temperature performance.
  • 5 times more effective than water by weight for Class A Fires.
Dry Powder Cons

  • Provides a limited cooling effect.
Foam Pro’s

  • Excellent cooling properties (reducing risk of reignition.
  • Durable film forming and blanketing properties separating oxygen from the fuel source.
Foam Cons

  • Poor performance of coverage in complex confined spaces, limited by nozzle spray patterns. 
  • Suitable for Class A and B fires only.
  • Significantly increased nozzle and agent quantities compared to powder.

The Fireward Automatic Dual-Agent Fire Suppression system in slow motion during recent SPCR approvals testing


The Importance of Approvals

Fireward understands the pro’s and con’s of both dry powder and foam agents, which is why our dual agent system provides the ‘safest’ and most cost-effective fire suppression system on the market.

Reacton Fire Suppression systems used by Fireward recently passed the fire testing for three major approvals at the Research Institutes of Sweden:

During testing, a complete performance examination of the systems is carried out through a series of demanding tests simulating the harsh environments and hazards that suppression systems are exposed to on a daily basis. This is also accompanied by the quality and control of the manufacture of the components in the system. This ensures that a product offering great firefighting abilities is also manufactured in a strict and controlled process meeting a consistent, high level of quality.

The Reacton Fire Suppression systems scored the maximum possible score and are suitable for open enclosures using our dual agent system on all tests taken at the Research Institute Of Sweden. Fireward systems already comply with the new European regulation UNECE R107.


Your UK Account Manager

Protecting People and Assets, our team at Fireward aims to deliver on their promise to protect both people and assets through the quality of their systems, delivering 100% reliability.  Customers are supported by a team of well-trained professionals and can be assured of the team’s utmost attention at all times, offering real-time scheduling, emergency call-out services, onsite support, backed by a service level agreement ensuring your business is fully protected. To find out more about Fireward’s Automatic Fire Suppression systems and how the team can help you protect your people and assets, please get in touch by calling 0800 151 0249 or email us on: sales@fireward.co.uk

Jamie Francis - Fireward Business Development Manager - UK Northern Regions

Jamie Francis

Business Development Manager

With many years experience in the Waste and Recycling sector, Jamie specialises in providing the right fire suppression solution for customers plant machinery.

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