With an ever growing need to protect valuable assets in a broader range of applications than we have ever seen before, the Fireward Automatic Fire Suppression system recently proved itself to be the most versatile, compact and effective system on the market today.

Partnering with the East Midlands Ambulance Service and their fleet of ambulances, the team at Fireward were tasked with the objective of delivering a versatile solution that was both viable in terms of space, highly effective for the fire risk area and durable for its demanding environment.

The agreed-upon solution was to fit an Automatic Dry Powder Fire Suppression system delivering both detection and suppression through the Reacton® detection tube, and with the use of a single agent – ABC Dry Powder delivering ‘instant fire knockdown’ to the affected area.

With detection and activation in under 10 seconds, ensures that even when a fire occurs this life-saving asset is capable of returning to full operation once the fire suppression system has been recommissioned.

Fireward Automatic Fire Suppression Systems for Compact Environments


Sam Malins, CEO of Fireward said:

“With customers increased awareness and understanding of the benefits of fire suppression systems we have seen a visible increase in the requests to protect a much greater range of vehicles than ever before.  This very clear move into protecting on-road vehicles enables us to showcase the true leadership that this advanced technology brings to Fireward across the UK.”

Fireward leads the fire suppression industry with a fleet of fully certified engineers delivering on their promise to protect both people and assets through the quality of their service and systems, delivering exceptional reliability.


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