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Edwards Recycling Ltd - Up to £3m of assets saved.

In November 2022, a fire occurred in a Liebherr LH24 at Edwards Recycling Limited. Fortunately, the material handler was protected with a Fireward dual agent system, which discharged and suppressed the fire within seconds, saving Edwards Recycling Ltd costly down time and potential loss of business. 


Edwards Recycling Ltd is an established business and has been operating for over 50 years. The cardboard and paper recycling company operate a materials recovery facility in the Dagenham area and process tonnes of waste every day. The recycling industry is susceptible to fires due to the combustible material being processed, therefore fire suppression is vital for the machinery operating in these environments. 


During the Liebherr LH24's working hours, there was a build-up of paper and cardboard in the slew area. This build-up caused the engine components to reach extremely high temperatures, allowing the fire to begin. 


"Having invested circa £3million from our small 3-ton forklifts and material handlers through to our static plant, it made commercial sense in protecting these investments as well as our brand image.

A few of the commercial benefits to install a Fireward Fire Suppression System was the reduction in repair costs and downtime of our machinery after a fire, as well as the reduction in our insurance premium."


Simon Edwards, Managing Director of Edwards Recycling.


Our industry-leading dual agent system, which utilises both dry powder and wet chemical, protected the Liebherr LH24. The initial knockdown from the dry powder lasted 10 seconds and extinguished the fire, while the supplementary wet chemical agent had a prolonged discharge of 30 seconds. The combined effects of the agents ensured that the fire was extinguished and the risk of reignition was reduced. Detecting the fire in under 5 seconds ensures that even when a fire occurs, the asset is capable of returning to full operation once the fire suppression system has been recommissioned. 


Edwards Recycling Ltd chose to protect their heavy plant and machinery with our approved and accredited systems, ensuring the highest level of fire protection is received.


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