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Dan Owen | Area Sales Manager - North

We thought it would be fun to show you the faces of the staff behind the scenes of Fireward and what role they play in ensuring Fireward are the UK leader of Automatic Fire Suppression. 🔥

What is your job role at Fireward?

Area Sales Manager – North. I am the lucky man who is responsible for all of our existing accounts and developing new business across the best region in the UK – the North!

What is the favourite part of your job?

Building new and developing existing relationships with customers, as Relationships are the name of our game and there's nothing I enjoy more. I also really enjoy working with the team internally,  Fireward have assembled a truly brilliant team, all of whom share the same passion for providing the best product and service backup in the industry!

Can you explain Fireward in three words? 

Passionate, Ambitious, Knowledgeable

What's your food heaven and hell?

My food heaven is pretty much anything Italian! I am a very picky eater and Italian food is pretty much the only thing I will eat! Food hell – most stuff out of the sea – especially shellfish as I am allergic. 

What's the most unusual thing in your desk drawer?

Probably a powerpodz figure of Xabi Alonso – I have the full 2005 Liverpool squad but they can't all fit in the drawer!

When you were younger, what did you want to be? 

I wanted to be a Firefighter – specifically Fireman Sam.

What is your favourite or most used Emoji?



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